How about that court system.

Its no suprise that the court system in this country is a joke. There are so many loop holes and half of the laws don’t make sense. What kind of system is it when someone with enough money can walk free for murder or a mother can kill her own child and get away with it? What kind of rule is it that a judge has no term. He or she gets appointed and the only way they get out is when they retire, the president can’t even fire them. I think half the judges in this country are a joke. Let’s all become judges and get our own tv shows. I know a very reliable source that once got sued and he got a letter from one of those network judge show before he even knew he was being sued.

How about child support laws. Should people really be sent to jail for not paying. Let’s let go of a couple of rapists and thieves to make room for a couple people who cant or wont pay. I personaly dont think thats a very good trade. Then we will spend $30,000 a year to take care of them. Then they get out and have to go find jobs in a bad economy without a drivers license because that has been suspended and now they have a record. Nobody will hire them because a highschool kid will be more apealing and when they cant get a job and cant pay support they are back off to jail. There is no longer a debtors prison and I think this is breaking that rule.

Im sorry for the people out there that really do need the support but there is alot of people that dont need it and use it for everything but taking care of the child. It is a hard cruel world but I think that placing people into prison for this kind of thing is a waste of tax payer money and if you realy look at it that way you are sending them to jail for not paying so you pay (taxes) to pay for them. In what world does that make any sense. Let’s focus on the real criminals.

This country needs a major overhaul and the court system needs to be one of the first things to be changed. The politicians cant even pass a law without a judge over ruling it and not enforcing it. They have to much power and something needs to change. We need to take back this country and bring it back to the values that it was started on.

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The Pledge of Allegiance

I was thinking to myself the other day about when I was in school and we used to collectively recite The Pledge of Allegiance together. I was wondering, how many of us actually know what it means. How much of it still stands true today.

Let’s dissect the words and see what we come up with. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.” A pledge is promise and allegiance is loyalty or devotion. So far we have promised our loyalty and devotion to one of the symbols of our great country. “And to the republic for which it stands.” A republic government is not ruled by a monarch and in our case has representatives voted into place by us the citizens. “One nation under God.” The meaning of this seems to me to be self explanatory. “Indivisible.” Really!!!! Our government is so divided that our country almost goes broke every few months because they cant agree on anything. Maybe if our one nation was actually under God we would have a common direction and we wouldn’t be so divided. “With Liberty and Justice for all.” How liberated are we really? We may have been liberated from England a couple hundred years ago but as people how much liberty do we have when we have to walk on egg shells so that we don’t offend someone and then get sued over every little thing because they can. How about justice. We have obvious murderers getting released on formalities. If your a superstar or have the money you rarely have to worry about jail time. I could go on a whole rant about the judicial system in this country and probably will at a later time.

Let’s get this country back to the point where we were when The Pledge of Allegiance was written. If we can do this I think that we will be on the right path.

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